Backup MySql Database using phpMyAdmin

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This procedure explains how to backup MySql Database through phpMyAdmin. 1. Login in phpMyAdmin. 2. Select the Database you want to backup (click on it). If your version of phpMyAdmin is different from ours, there is a possibility that you have to click on Databases, in order to select the database you want ot backup. […]

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making posting easy

WP Include File: a WordPress Plugin

In Contributions on October 14th, 2009 5 Comments

WP Include File utilizes the WordPress Shortcode API to include the contents and output from PHP code located in an external file within the post content. DOWNLOAD >> Features Advanced form security, nonce and whitelist registration of option variable to be written in the database Options stored as one array in the database to minimize […]

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making things easy

Using the WordPress Shortcode API to include an external file in the post content

In Knowledge Base on October 14th, 2009 6 Comments

Did you ever feel the need to include some PHP code in the post content of WordPress? The post content can accept JavaScript code but not PHP code. The AmberPanther team came up with a WordPress “hack” to overcome this limitation using the Shortcode API. In the event that some specific code would be needed […]

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efficient development

cleanRoar goes live at

In News on October 13th, 2009 No Comments

As of today, Monday October 12, 2009 cleanRoar is live and available for free download from the Themes section at Download cleanRoar… cleanRoar has been developed by the AmberPanther team and has been released for public use as part of AmberPanther contributions. It is a light and clean theme which is easily customizable. We […]

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Fasten Your SeatBelt

Alexa Ranking

In WebMaster on October 8th, 2009 No Comments

Alexa, originally an abbreviation for Address Lookup EXperts Authority, is supplying the Internet Archive with web crawls as it was also doing in the past. Alexa (An company from 1999) ranks sites, based on tracking information received from users who are using Alexa toolbar (sparky). Last year (April 16th, 2008) Alexa confirmed that, with […]

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Google XML Sitemaps for WordPress

In WebMaster on October 7th, 2009 No Comments

In WordPress, an easy and efficient way to create your web site’s XML Sitemap, is by using a plugin called Google XML Sitemaps. This WordPress plugin has been used many times by the AmberPanther team for various WordPress installations. The name of the plugin is “Google XML Sitemaps”, but it actually creates a sitemap.xml file, […]

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Optimize It

Sitemaps And SEO

In WebMaster on October 7th, 2009 2 Comments

A sitemap is a list of all your web site’s pages, that you want to be accessible by the crawlers and the users browsing your web site. Search Engine bots use your sitemap to crawl existing, new or modified pages on your web site. A sitemap is a must for your web site, if you […]

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clean and light is nice too

cleanRoar: A clean and light WordPress theme

In Contributions on October 3rd, 2009 61 Comments

General Description Version Information Styles General Description cleanRoar is a WordPress theme developed by the AmberPanther team. The theme is available for download at Themes . This theme is the first in a series of a contributions the team is planning for the web community. DEMO SITE >> cleanRoar boasts a clean and light […]

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overcoming notation obstacles

Why jQuery does not execute when using the shorthand $-function?

In Knowledge Base on October 3rd, 2009 No Comments

Are you using the jQuery library? Are you trying to use its functions by using the “$” as the shortcut for “jQuery” and it does not work? This means that somewhere in your javascript code the jQuery.noconflict() function is called. This function overrides the shorthand “$” notation and allows only for the use of “jQuery”. […]

sometimes more is less

How to jump/go to the bottom of a page using pure HTML

In Knowledge Base on October 2nd, 2009 No Comments

Did you ever wanted to jump to the bottom of a page by just clicking on a link at the top or somewhere in the middle of the page? Well, here is your answer. No fancy javascripts, just pure HTML. The first step is to create an anchor just before the body tag: The anchor […]

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