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cleanRoar: A clean and light WordPress theme

Contributions on October 3rd, 2009 61 Comments
  1. General Description
  2. Version Information
  3. Styles

General Description

cleanRoar is a WordPress theme developed by the AmberPanther team. The theme is available for download at Themes . This theme is the first in a series of a contributions the team is planning for the web community.


cleanRoar boasts a clean and light design. It makes the readers experience effortless. It is easily accessible and customizable for your needs.  It features a primary two-column design, the left main content column and the right sidebar. The right sidebar is subdivided into two columns as well. The thin one was originally intended for a banner ad. Both sidebar columns are widget ready. The new version of cleanRoar supports multiple styles/skins also.

cleanRoar has a functional back-end that allows you to enable/disable the ad showing in the sidebar. It can be a single banner image or a javascript from your preferred advertising service.


We hope you will enjoy this clean and light theme.You can see the theme in action here…

You can download it from WordPress Themes…

If you have any comments or suggestions about improving the theme leave us a note below. Exchange of ideas leads to excellence…

Version Information


  • Default style back to Legacy with Christmas style as an option
  • Addition of Red style, derived from the Christmas style
  • Addition of Redmad style, courtesy of Redmad


  • Global variable conflict in WordPress theme editor resolved


  • Four (4) layouts to choose from.
  • Option for custom CSS.
  • Control information (site name and description) shown in Header.
  • Display an image/logo in header through a url or Gravatar!
  • Display of Home link on main navigation.
  • Display excerpt or whole post on blog page.
  • Global control of comments on pages.
  • Control default sections to be shown on sidebar.


  • Multiple skins (style) support, Legacy style and Christmas style
  • Snow effect for Christmas style
  • Categories listing on the main menu bar, not just in the sidebar
  • Support for social links, twitter and facebook, and third-party RSS url, to replace the native WordPress one
  • Google Analytics script can be set from the options, no need to edit template files
  • Support for up to four 125 by 125 px Ad boxes, displayed at the top of the sidebar


  • enhanced back-end securities


  • first public release
  • Ad banner and Ad script support in the sidebar



cleanRoar in Legacy style

cleanRoar in Legacy style


cleanRoar in Christmas style

cleanRoar in Christmas style


cleanRoar in Red style


cleanRoar in Redmad style

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61 Responses to “cleanRoar: A clean and light WordPress theme”

  1. manboo says:

    beautiful theme.
    you can add to my site.

  2. Max says:

    Love the seasonal theme . . . great ideas for Christmas and Valentines – have to give it a go 😉

  3. Richard says:

    hi there, i love the cleanroar design, i was wondering if the style can be easily modified to have just a single sidebar %28same width as the current two side bars%29?

    • AmberPanther says:

      Richard, if you know your way around PHP and CSS it shouldn’t be too much trouble. You need to edit the sidebar.php file and remove the line that loads one of the sidebars. They are towards the end of the file. Then you need to edit the style.css file. Search for #sidebar, #sidebar_sm and #sidebar_big. Adjust the width of the sidebar you did not disable to 340px (accounts for padding and margins) or set it to auto. This should do the job…

  4. ra says:

    This is a lovely theme. I have a question. I only want sidebars on the home page of my blog. I want to suppress them on the other pages. Please can you tell me how to do this? Thanks very much.

    • AmberPanther says:

      In order to achieve this, you will have to edit sidebar.php, style.css and header.php. In sidebar.php you will have to check if the home page is displayed and then accordingly either display it or not. In style.css you will have to attach a class to #content that will change the width to 950px. In header.php the #content should have that class if the home page is not displayed.

  5. I’m new to WordPress and not all that proficient at computers. This is easy even for me! I treid to change the color of the blue font. I have this thing against blue with food but it doen’t seem to work. Are the fonts not able to be changed color-wise? Thanks!

    • AmberPanther says:

      To change the blue font colors, edit style.css and search for #3366CC and #003399. The latter is the color for hovering. Change them to the ones that fit your style.

  6. Thanks for the help! Can I add a logo by the title?

    • AmberPanther says:

      Yes, if you go to the cleanRoar options panel, in the Style section you will find the fields to add an image/logo.

  7. You guys are so helpful and patient with me! The site looks great so far. Everyone is impressed including me! My next question is…I have an Amazon Affiliate account and want to sell chocolate books, bars, etc on my site. I need to paste the codes in somewhere. I have the store set as a page. Where should I insert the code?

    Also, it keeps taking my website about a half hour to show changes after I make them. Is that the theme or WP?

    Thanks again for the help!

    • AmberPanther says:

      Annmarie, we are glad you are enjoying cleanRoar. Your site, indeed, looks great. For the Amazon widgets, you can paste the script code in the page you have set up as the store, in the WordPress page editor. You can use the HTML division tags (div) to separate different products and the use CSS to arrange/format them. Alternatively, you can use our WP Include File plugin, put the Amazon script in individual files, and then load them anywhere you want (pages or posts) by using the shortcode…

      When you are making changes make sure you reload the page by Refresh (press F5), this way your browser will load all the data from the server and reflect the latest changes.

    • Thanks so much for all of your help and your kind comments! I haven’t worked since Oct. I promise as soon as I have some money coming in a gain, I’ll definitely donate a nice some of cash for letting my site look so good! I’ve received a lot of compliments on it and quite a bit of traffic in just a week! You are a genius and made this easy for a fairly illiterate computer person. FYI…I did my college papers on a typewriter! (I’m 44 and there were no PCs)

      • AmberPanther says:

        Glad to be of help… Just Remember & Recommend the Panther! Also, one more piece of advice, change your Permalink structure setting to reflect the category and post name, instead of the ID like you have it now. This will help you a lot with search engines.

    • I was down with food poisoning form some bad egg rolls, but I’m back! Now I need help. Okay. I have my Amazon store ready. I selected “Embed my store using an inline frame.” as I want to have it in a page that I set up. Where do I paste this? You said in the Editor section under themes. Do I go into pages? Where do I paste it? Sorry I’m so new at this! I just have the one link that will put the store on the page. Thanks! Have a great weekend! Oh, I fixed the Permalinks too.

      I had a friend tell me that fewer categories are better for the search engines. Is this true? Thanks again!

      • AmberPanther says:

        Annmarie, you have to create a new page and just paste the code you have with Amazon in the new page. You may have to change the height value of the Amazon code, in order to fit your needs.
        It is better to remove the sidebars for this page, so an easy way is to create a new template for the new page. Download this file, rename it to .php and then upload it in the Cleanroar folder, before creating your store page. Then go to your dashboard, create a new page and on the right change the template to “store”. Paste your amazon store in the page and voila. You will have something like this.

        For the second part, it is better to target specific / fewer words, so we guess your friend meant fewer words = fewer categories.

      • Thanks! I will cut down my category list.

        The store thing is way to advanced for me. I understand using the widget in the sidebar but I love the way the site looks now and so does everyone else. It’s like another language. It’s all Greek to me. I don’t even know what a php file is…

      • Sorry to bug you all again. As I said, I’m not quite a computer guru. Amazon emailed me back and they said I was making this much more difficult than it had to be. They said I just needed to add a apge to my navigation bar and paste my affiliate code on the page as a link just like I would with a regular post. Nothing seems to be happening – although even refreshing the page, it seems to takes about hour for changes to update in the side bars. Any suggestions? Thanks for for patience!

      • AmberPanther says:

        Annmarie, it is very easy, indeed. You can follow these 2 steps in order to do it and disregard our previous recommendation, which is more advanced. Step 1: Log in your WordPress Dashboard, navigate to pages and click on Add New, click on HTML tab (in order to leave from visual editor on top right corner of the editor, this is very important!). Step 2: Get you amazon store code from Amazon and paste it in the page, exactly as it is given to you by Amazon. Publish It! And that’s it…

      • That’s what I did and it didn’t work.

        Now, after being on the phone with GoDaddy for an hour. They found the Clean Roar file. I downloaded a program to save the file as a .php as I don’t have the capabilites with what I’m working with. I uploaded the file (another one I found that I could cut and paste my Amazon code in) through my FTP and it’s showing up on the Clean Roar page. You say (and this other site) says to the right and down below there is a place to select template page. I don’t see that.

        I’m going to try one of the other store links as there are three to select from and maybe one of those will work instead. The first one didn’t. I waited 24 hours for it show up before trying again.

        Thanks again for your patience!!! Ha! What a relief! It’s there! Thank you so much!!! I keep telling everyone about you guys. Money’s coming to you as soon as it comes to me! I think I just need to play with the size now. The categories for the store aren’t showing up.

      • Only about 2/3 of the store is showing up with the correct code (my error-I guess only certain one work with WordPress) since I have the sidebars. I tried both the download that you sent me and one that I found online that was for computer illiterates such as myself where I just paste my Amazon code in the file.

        The file uploads correctly and I see the template selection drop down now. The problem is that the only thing that comes up on the page in either instance is HTML. Anyway to talk to you guys on the phone to walk me through this? I need to have it up by tomorrow as I won’t be around this weekend and I’m losing sleep over it! Again, thanks for the help. It’s rough when this is all new.

      • So the store never showed up. I was just on the phone with my host Go Daddy to attempt downloading the file you sent me and then uploading it to the Clean Roar folder. I couldn’t find the folder so I called Go Daddy. They don’t see it either. I really don’t want to revert to using a sidebar widget and losing all of that content, but this is how I’m going to make money. I already sold a few more books on eBay and people are going to the store, but there’s nothing there. I removed the page for now. The Go Daddy people also said that I should just be able to paste the HTML code from Amazon in the HTML frame and it should work. It doesn’t. HELP!

      • So the computer illiterate finally got it right! Thanks for your time and patience and, hopefully, I won’t need your assistance for awhile. It’s so frustrating to learn something completely new by yourself. Thanks for helping me to get a great site up and going!

  8. Thanks! This is all new to me! I might need some more help on the Amazon thing. I%27m going to wait until morning when I%27m fresh again.

  9. John T says:

    Great theme. I’ve been going nuts looking for a theme that is bug free and which is versatile enough to integrate into my personal art website. (I even bought a premium theme site membership but they were buggy and overdone.)
    Yours fits the bill for what I needed. It is attractive and blessedly simple to customize for us novices.
    One suggestion. You might want to include a “links” and Archive page template at some point.

  10. tabuxander says:

    hi, how can I change the default font?

  11. JT says:

    Hi guys

    I’m a new fan of this theme, its seriously easy to use – I’ve only got basic website skills!
    Just a couple of questions though.

    I seem to have gone nuts on the colour changing and have changed the colour for links in my posts so that they are the same colour as the main text of the post. Where in the stylesheet can I edit it so it can be a different colour?
    I’ve downloaded a couple of plugins – such as a “top posts” type plugin. I’ve activated it and it appears in the widgets page. I’ve dragged it across to my sidebar, but it doesn’t appear on the page.

    Any help much appreciated!

    • AmberPanther says:

      JT, thanks for choosing cleanRoar, and it is delightful to hear how easy it is to use. That was our goal!

      To change the link colors edit the style.css and search for a, a:visited, it should be around line 86. Change the color to your liking.

      As for the sidebar widgets, we have tested cleanRoar and it works with all the default WordPress widgets. Hence, we’ll have to assume the problem you are experiencing arises from the third-party plugin you are using.

  12. Gert says:

    Hi, thanks for creating this nice theme, I really love it!
    However, I would like to remove the search bar at the top, could you explain me how to do this? Thanks in advance.

  13. Ken says:

    I’ve been looking for a theme like this for the past year, and now I found it! I prefer simple and clean designs with lots of white space. And the customization screens for changing layout is a very nice feature to add.

    One thing I noticed is that there are few problems with the comment links/labels on the single post pages. If there are any comments and I click on “Comments” link by the post title, it doesn’t jump down to the comment section. Also, if the comments are closed, it still indicates “Leave a response” above the comment section. And I’m using your latest version as far as I know, which I downloaded a few days ago.

    Anyway, thanks for developing this excellent theme.

    • AmberPanther says:

      Hello Ken! Thanks for pointing out those issues. We have just submitted an update (v.10.03.31) to which should be going live within the day. This will address all the issues you mention. If you need it urgently contact us and we will make it available to you. Thanks for choosing cleanRoar!

      • Ken says:

        I just installed your updated version and those issues are fixed. Thanks for responding so quickly!

  14. Nicolae says:

    I like very much your theme. It’s very easy to work with. Nevertheless I have a question: how can I arrange the posts to appear in the order I want and how can I avoid some posts to be published not directly on the main page but only when required by the visitor from a parent file? Thank you in advance. Best regards. Nicolae

    • Andreas.P says:

      thank you choosing cleanRoar. What you are requesting are advanced functionalities. You will have to look for plugins that add these capabilities, study the WordPress codex and program it yourself, or hire us to do the customization for you.

  15. Ken says:

    It looks like this theme is displayed wrong in Internet Explorer 6. I noticed my site’s third column on the right (large sidebar) drops down about half a page in IE6. If you know of a quick fix for this, please let me know. Thanks!

    • Andreas.P says:

      Ken, we apologize for the late response. The problem in IE6 is due to the widths of the sidebars, as it calculates widths differently from the modern browsers. You will have to reduce the width of the sidebar either of the big or of the small by a couple of pixels and this should be resolved. You will need to edit the style.css and search for sidebar, sidebar_big and sidebar_sm.

      • Ken says:

        I just happened to return to check out any updates to your theme and noticed your response to my question. Thanks so much! I’ll try that out.

  16. Setiawan says:

    Thanks for such a nice theme!

    Do you have any plans to add the feature to generate the menu based on the categories?
    This will bring more flexibility 🙂
    Currently, only has the option to list Categories on main menu navigation bar.

    Thank you.

    • Andreas.P says:

      Thanks for your input. We will keep it in mind for the next release of cleanRoar…

      • Setiawan says:

        Hi Andreas,
        Will be waiting for the next release.
        Hope it will be out very soon.

        Another suggestion is the feature to disable the main menu item.
        So, the main menu becomes unclickable and only the submenus is clickable.

        Aslo, I hope the customization options available through the backend admin can be added more 🙂
        So, much of the customization work can be done through the backend.
        Have seen this on some other themes which greatly helps when customizing the layout (especially for the newbie such as me)

        Thank you for the great work!

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