I don’t jump I fly… and when I shout, I roar! I don’t kick, I dominate… and when I perform poomsae, I demonstrate character! Ask me if I fight… Never, I dance! Dream Academy Iakovou, where the fun begins and the worries end. [http://www.dreamacademyiakovou.com]

Kids Dream Academy has 10 years of professional experience. The monthly programs followed at the Academy are designed in a unique way to introduce children to physical activity in a fun and safe environment. The programs are especially designed for children from 3 to 12 years old. [http://www.kidsdreamacademy.com]

SevenStrakes,an online Domain registrar offering low prices for Domain Names, SSL Certificates, Email Accounts, etc. [http://www.sevenstrakes.com]

EnviTech through its continued commitment in research and development activities, product innovation, technical support is able to deliver significant benefits to customers across a wide range of industrial, commercial, municipal, healthcare, governmental and non-profit sectors worldwide. [http://www.envitech.org]

Kids Dream Play… Playing is next to dream. An online catalog for children playgrounds. It features a variety of toys, playground equipment, tents, benches, kids furniture, school equipment, etc. [http://www.KidsDreamPlay.com]

Lysiotiko Halloumi… it goes with everything. A website dedicated to the traditional cheese of Cyprus, Halloumi. It is focused on the infamous Lysiotiko (from  the village of Lysi) Halloumi, however the site is not reluctant to explore Halloumi from all over Cyprus. It features a collection of information and recipes. [http://Lysiotiko-Halloumi.com]

HephaestusLounge… Hephaestus says that Zeus did not let him play with computers. Now it’s payback time! Hephaestus walks the globe and enjoys the finer things in life. He is a technology savvy that likes to lounge and speak. Hephaestus says everything about anything he wants and nothing he doesn’t. [http://HephaestusLounge.com]

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