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AmberPanther Favicon for WordPress is developed by the AmberPanther team, and it is designed to add a Favicon (also known as favorites icon, website icon, shortcut icon, url icon, or bookmark icon) to your WordPress powered site. The Favicon is added to the administration pages as well, not just the front pages. It supports ICO, PNG and GIF formats. It ensures cross browser functionality. The favicon files can be located in the site’s root directory (detected automatically) or in a custom directory. Read the Guide to Demystifying the Favicon Behavior to understand better how to setup the favicon for your site


  • Supports ICO, PNG and GIF file formats.
  • Files saved in the root directory of the site with the conventional name – favicon – are located automatically
  • A custom uri can be defined for the favicon
  • Multiple file types can be selected
  • Options stored as one array in the database to minimize database cluster
  • On uninstall option array is removed from the database. No trail left behind
  • Functional and user-friendly administration pages


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9 Responses to “Favicon for WordPress”

  1. tom says:

    deleted the favicons that were uploaded with zip file…wanted my own favicon to be displayed. I then uploaded the .png, then a .gif and gave them the proper name in the root directory (favicon.png; favicon.gif) and tried both settings in the wordpress options panel. Just says “cannot find.” What am I doing wrong?

    • Andreas.P says:

      Tom, AP Favicon does not set any favicons by default. You have to supply your own favicon. The favicon files should be in your site’s root for the first option ( and for example be accessible by http://yoursite.com/favicon.png , where yoursite.com is the name of your site). If this is not working, it means that you have placed them in the wrong directory (not the site’s root), and you have to define the custom URL via option 2. Read this article: Favicon Explained. It should make things clearer.

  2. Bobby says:

    OK! I have installed this plugin, but yet it still will not diaplay my favicon on all of my webpages. So, can you please help me out with this small issue.

  3. Marina says:

    Hello there (: I managed to install the plugin and the plugin detected my favicon but it doesn’t appear when I load my site ): Any advice please.

    • Andreas.P says:

      Hi! I just checked your website and the Favicon show in my browser. When you make a change it is better to Refresh the page, rather than just reloading.

  4. Mark A says:

    Thanks! The plug-in worked really well. Phew.

  5. Marina says:

    Thank you (: I have credited you on my site.

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